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Self-Installing a HotSpot Air Conditioner Water Heater

In most areas of the USA it is legal for a homeowner or business owner to perform nearly all of the installation in order to save money on installation costs. You need to call and check the regulations for your area and see what is allowed and if any permit is needed. Only an expert handyman with good plumbing skills who has done this type of work before should attempt a self-install.

For the benefit of expert handyman users who wish to perform a portion of the installation, we have created a short Installation Guide document. You can review it and decide for yourself if it makes sense for you to do some or most of the work or leave it to a contractor.

We have included the basic instructions for the user-installable parts of the system. We expect that a user will only attempt this work on their own if they have performed similar work previously and have a good working knowledge of plumbing and handyman skills, proper tools etc. If you find the Installation Guide to be insufficient then you probably need to have a professional installer do the work.

As a guideline - it normally takes a professional technician with a helper 6-8 hours to perform a standard professional installation of an ACWH.


After you have completed the user-installable portion of the installation, you must have a licensed HVAC technician commission the system. Commissioning includes making the final electrical and refrigerant line connections, evacuating the system with a vacuum pump, charging the system (releasing the included pre-charged R410a) and starting the system. Approximate time for commissioning: 60-90 minutes.

See Air Conditioner Water Heater Installation Guide.





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