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Standard Professional Installation

HotSpot Energy does not provide or arrange installations. When you go shopping for an installer, the following is what should be included in a typical standard professional installation of a HotSpot residential heat recovery system.

- A site visit by a licensed installation technician.

- Mounting of HotSpot remote unit to wall or structure within 15 ft. of compressor.

- Connect electric connections to the outdoor AC unit L1 & L2.

- Connect HotSpot to compressor with standard refrigeration lines.

- Make a professional weather-tight building wall penetration, if needed.

- Connect HotSpot to hot water tank with standard plumbing materials up to 75 ft. one-way run. If pre-heat tank is used, the technician should perform necessary plumbing to connect all tanks.

- Insulate all refrigerant and plumbing lines.

- Full system test - verify system is heating water when compressor is running.

- Use Code compliant materials, fittings, valves, fasteners etc. as needed.

- Pressure relief valve if required by code.

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