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Heat Recovery Unit Mythology
Fact or Fiction?

As a leading manufacturer of heat recovery units, we know that heat recovery water heating is not right for every customer or air conditioner. We try hard to make sure we only sell systems in situations where they will perform properly. That’s one of the reasons why we are phasing out our dealer program and selling direct to customers – so we can be close to the action and make sure that water heating savings expectations are managed and met. The happy customer is the customer who gets what they expected, we only want happy customers.   

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heat recovery unit

• Free Hot Water.


• Uses existing water heater drain for Inlet and Outlet.

• No permit needed for installation in most area.

• See heat recovery installation diagrams

Fact –
A heat recovery unit can recover heat and save money on any type of air conditioner or heat pump.

Fiction – Some say that the newer high SEER air conditioners don’t have enough heat to recover. To this we say that all air conditioners still have to reject the heat from inside to outside, 12000 BTU for every ton of capacity. SEER does not change that, it only refers to the amount of electricity used to do it. As a matter of basic physics, a new high SEER 5 ton air conditioner and a 20 year old 5 ton air conditioner still have to move the same amount of heat from indoors to outdoors.

It’s true that the temperatures are a little lower, but set up correctly you will still be able to recover plenty of heat to lower your water heating costs. With the newer AC systems it is a little more important to use a preheat tank, which is and has always been our recommendation for all heat recovery unit applications, with new or old  air conditioners alike. It's also the best way to install any renewable energy water heater, solar or otherwise.

Fiction – Some say it will void the manufacturers warranty. We have asked nearly every major AC manufacturer if our heat recovery units will automatically void their warranty. Not a single one says it is a problem. Don’t ask the local dealer or distributor – ask the manufacturer (who actually issues the warranty). Or just download and read the warranty and see if if voids the warranty for 3rd party parts or modifications. It won’t.

Fact -
You will save money with a heat recovery unit. Depending on your usage patterns and location, you may get 50% to 99% of your water heating for free. Free water heating is available to most users of air conditioners or heat pumps.

Questions about saving money and energy with heat recovery? Give us a call.

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