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Frequently Asked Questions ACDC12

What are the different types of solar air conditioners?
HotSpot offers two types of solar air conditioners, an AC-DC Solar Hybrid Air Conditioner, and an all-DC off-grid/telecom air conditioning unit. There are also other types of solar air conditioners in the market, for a good analysis of the various systems available, see the page called compare solar air conditioners.

How does the ACDC12 air conditioner work?
The ACDC12 operates like all normal ultra-high-SEER mini-split heat pumps, but can accept solar directly from standard ~30v solar panels to offset the amount of grid electricity used.

Does it have to be connected to main power?
Yes, the ACDC12 system design requires a main  power connection. The ACDC12 gets about 80% of its power from solar and gets the rest of its power from grid-supplied power.

How much power does it use?
Because it is a SEER 20 system (certified) it uses very little power. Normal operation consumes about 600 watts of total power.

How difficult is it to install?
It installs exactly like a normal mini-split air conditioner, then you can simply plug in the solar panels. Because it is a R410a system using an environmentally safe refrigerant that does not require an EPA license, it can be self installed by a homeowner, however we recommend you hire a licensed HVAC technician to perform the installation.

Whoa. I have been told that all air conditioners must be installed by a licensed technician. Are you sure no license is needed?
People often say stuff that's wrong. Here is a link to the official EPA website that explains what refrigerants do/do not require a license.

Does it need batteries?
No, the ACDC12 does not need batteries. Any shortage of solar power, such as at night, is made up for by pulling the power from the normal AC power supply.

Is the system certified for safety and performance?
Yes, the ACDC12 has been fully tested and is listed by ETL/UL 1995. It is also the first and only mini-spit solar air conditioner approved and labeled by EnergyStar and the CEC (California Energy Commission).

How much does it cost?
The final installed price will vary based on accessories and installation requirments.The list price of the system is $1695.

What is the SHF (Sensible Heat Fraction)?
This refers to the balance of sensible vs. latent heat removal (dehumidification) in cooling mode.
Cooling Mode: AVERAGE DATA - Sensible heat(W) 2524.2 Latent heat(W) 705.4
SHF for heating mode is always 100% sensible.

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