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Get 100's or 1,000's of gallons of free hot water every day  
AC-DC Solar Air Conditioners 
SEER 65+ Solar Heating & Cooling

Heat recovery water heating pays for itself very quickly using free waste heat from your
AC or refrigeration compressor to heat water and cut your water heating and/or pool heating costs.

SEER 65+ Solar Heat Pump with Two Solar Panels & No Batteries. More >>>

Runs direct from solar panels and 220V AC power. Get Over 80% Daytime Savings.
Swimming Pool Heater
Free Heat From Your AC

FPH Pool Heaters

Totally Free Pool Heating
From Your Air Conditioner's Waste Heat

image of pool with pool heater
Heat your swimming pool for free, and at  the same time, increase the efficiency of your air conditioner up to 40%.  More >>>

2-Ton Multi-Head Heat Pump Chiller (Up to 8 Indoor Units)
Slear ready small heat pump chiller air conditioner for residential, home use or commercial Get maximum energy savings with a CX34 DC-Inverter air source heat pump chiller.
mini-split type chiller indoor fan coil unit
      Solar AC uses one, two, or three PV panels.
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Solar Air Conditioning

The ACDC12b solar air conditioner provides 12,000 BTU heating & 11,500 BTU cooling for pennies per day. Connects directly to one, two or three solar panels. Runs primarily on solar DC power, gets extra power as needed from normal utility power. No batteries, controller, or inverter needed. Solar powered heat pump.

Perfect for daytime cooling, heating, or augmentation. Get >90% of your daytime cooling free from the sun. Plug-N-Play solar connections make installation simple.
Over SEER 21 on normal power.   MORE>>>

2-Ton Modular Chiller - 2, 4, 6, 8, 10+ Ton Configurations w/ up to 7 Indoor Units each.

The solar-ready CX34 is an ultra-efficient small chiller heat pump air conditioner ideal for home, office, or server room and is fully compatible with normal power, solar PV, solar thermal, and solar water heating systems. With a cooling IPLV EER of 21 and a heating COP of 3.95, it has the lowest kW per BTU rating on the market. This self-contained unit needs no vacuum pump, no gauges, and no special skills needed to install. No lineset limitations. 24,000 BTU Cooling / 34,000 BTU Heating.  Click Here For Small Chiller Details >>>

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Portable Air Conditioner
NEW! The World's First High Efficiency Portable Air Conditioner! This is the first-ever Dual Hose DC Inverter portable air conditioner. The Climax Air 12,000 BTU unit delivers twice the cooling for the same power, or the same cooling for half the power, compared to a standard portable AC.


Image of ARAMA DC Inverter PTAC/PTHP hotel air conditioner PTAC / Hotel Air Conditioner
NEW! In production and available April 2016. See our new DC Inverter PTAC/PTHP (Super-high efficiency hotel room heat pump /air conditioner). This is the world's most efficient hotel air conditioner and saves 35-40% compared to a standard PTAC. Full AC/Heat Pump function, many control options.

Heat Recovery Water Heating - Free Hot Water From AC/Heat Pump
Domestic Water Heating image of heat recovery unit water heater A full range of HotSpot retrofit heat recovery systems is available for any size AC, heat pump, walk-in cooler, walk-in freezer or other refrigeration system with a capacity from 1 ton to 100 tons. Commercial and residential models available. HotSpot heat reclaim water heating systems can pay for themselves very quickly.  MORE>>>

HotSpot heat recovery water heating units remove waste heat from any refrigeration compressor and recycle it directly into your hot water system, reducing or eliminating the use of purchased energy for water heating. At the same time, improve the efficiency of your air conditioning or refrigeration system by up to 18% as you remove the excess heat. (Up to 40% electrical savings with pool heating model.)

See Who Already Uses The Products We Sell:
Food Service Laundry Green Building
Hotel Medical Manufacturing
C-store Gym/ Fitness Institutional
greenarrow Grocery greenarrow Food Processing greenarrow Educational
Server Room Residential (in southern climates)

Alternative Energy & Alternatives To Alternative Energy


Established in 2007, HotSpot engineers have a long history in HVAC, solar, and heat recovery design, development, and manufacturing. Our engineers have developed dozens of cutting edge energy products sold by us and by others under a variety of brand names. HotSpot heat recovery systems convert any refrigeration compressor into a source of free thermal energy to make hot water, using the same initial amount of energy input. The waste heat recovery system also makes the compressor system operate more efficiently and the compressor will use less electricity when the heat recovery unit is active. Waste heat energy recovery domestic water heating systems use a desuperheater for water heat recovery, sometimes called a waste heat exchanger. The heat recovery units are designed for waste heat recycling in order to convert a standard boiler into a heat recovery boiler.

HotSpot also uses a special titanium heat recovery heat exchanger along with heat recovery valves and controls for heat recovery pool heating, the HotSpot pool heaters convert the AC to geothermal technology to heat a pool while increasing the AC efficiency at the same time. HotSpot titanium heat exchanger pool heat recovery units can heat pools with no additional energy to provide a free pool heating system.

HotSpot products are mostly based on saving money through air conditioning efficiency, heat recovery, and solar power. HotSpot also proudly distributes next-generation LED lighting as a way to help customers further cut their energy bill.

In 2012 HotSpot released its 3rd generation solar air conditioning/solar heat system for indoor cooling, heating, or AC augmentation. The ACDC12 is a one ton solar AC heat pump achieving a SEER 35 rating with two solar panels connected and that can provide >80% savings on daytime air conditioning or heating costs. HotSpot also provides an all-DC telecom or solar air conditioner. From 2016 HotSpot is the master distributor (USA) for Chiltrix air-to-water heat pumps offering record-setting AHRI-Certified efficiency.

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Domestic water heating units are independently tested and
certified to assure health, safety
and verified performance.

UL 1995
AHRI 470
NSF 61


Save 45% to 62% On Your Lighting Costs With LED Fluorescent Tube Replacement

led fluorescent tube replacement
Get pure, clean light with cool-running LED tubes. Uses standard fixtures, no ballast needed.

Fast return on investment, with payback period as quick as 24 months with safe shatterproof, mercury-free LED lighting.

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