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Highest Efficiency Hotel Air Conditioner

Saves 35-40% on Electric Usage!

Super-Quiet & Long Lasting
DC Inverter Compressor

See Spec Sheet

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Image of DC Inverter PTAC (PTHP) high efficiency hotel air conditioner - through-wall type AC uni

35-40% Less Electrical Consumption

Highest Efficiency PTAC Available

Mitsubushi DC Inverter Compressor

For Hotels, Homes, and Small Offices

Heat Pump for Cooling & Heating

No Drain Needed

Wireless Ready

Industry Standard 42" x 16" Size

ARAMA DC Inverter PTAC Air Conditioner

The ARAMA PTAC (Packaged Terminal Air Conditioner) is actually a PTHP (Packaged Terminal Heat Pump). A PTAC is commonly known as a "hotel air conditioner" and is found in nearly all limited-service and mid-range hotel rooms in the USA. Many home owners have also discovered the cost advantage of PTACs when adding room additions, or converting attics/garages into air conditioned space. The units are very low cost to purchase and install, in comparison to mini-splits, and can be more energy efficient that central AC units because the home owner can turn them off room by room, as needed.

But historically, PTACs also have had their disadvantages. If you have ever stayed in a Holiday Inn Express, Hampton Inn, or a Marriott Courtyard, you have experienced this type of hotel room air conditioner, called a PTAC. They do a great job at heating or cooling but are not typically very quiet and don't always seem to keep a thermostat setting very well, often requiring frequent adjustment made by mechanical controls on the top of the unit. And even though they compare well to a central system as far as total system efficiency, their SEER ratings are typically in the SEER 9-10 range, far from what's possible with modern technology.

Enter the DC Inverter ARAMA - this new hotel room air conditioner/PTAC (actually a PTHP, a heat pump) uses a Mitsubushi DC Inverter compressor, so it is very, very quiet. It is unique in that it uses an utra-high efficiency DC Inverter compressor, and its effective SEER is about 70% higher than other PTACs due to its variable speed operation. So, one real advantage of the ARAMA PTAC is that it is far more efficient than other hotel air conditioners available in the market, saving 35-40% or more by comparison. In addition, the ARAMA DC Inverter is very quiet compared to other PTACs. For better comfort, the ARAMA can use a wall mounted thermostat installed across the room, either wired or wireless, or a hand-held remote control, so the ARAMA thermostat works more like a normal thermostat and gives the level of room comfort usually found only with central systems. The ARAMA PTAC hotel air conditioner can also be controlled by a "front desk control" or by a building/home automation system. For a long list of features and advantages of the ARAMA DC Inverter PTAC hotel air conditioner, see the full specifications sheet/brochure here.

The ARAMA PTAC hotel air conditioners are available in 12,000 BTU size for small orders, and can be ordered in in sizes of 7,000, 9,000 and 14,400 BTU size when ordering in quantity. All of the ARAMA PTACs are the same external dimensions and fit the industry standard 42" x 16" wall sleeve common to all PTACs. Since the units are generally sold as a replacement for an existing PTAC, the wall sleeve and grill are not included, as the previous unit sleeve and grill can be re-used. Wall sleeves and grills are available for ordering as an accessory if needed.

See ARAMA UL-484 and CSA 22.2 certifications. DOE certification is here (sort alphabetically by brand to find) or see a copy of the DOE Certification

HotSpot Energy Inc. is the North American Distributor of the ARAMA PTAC/PTHP units. ARAMA is a trademark of Chiltrix Inc. See warranty.

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