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Air Conditioner Technology

How it works.

Charge Controllers
More about solar charge controllers for use with solar air conditioners.

Solar Batteries
Details about batteries and battery plant sizing for DC and solar air conditioning applications.

PV Panels
Solar panel array sizing and design for solar air conditioner applications.


DC Air Conditioner

12,000 BTU DC Air Conditioner For Off-Grid Solar & Telecom Applications

If your power source is native 48VDC (or -48VDC) as part of a telecom or off-grid solar application, HotSpot DC4812VRF all-DC air conditioners are your most efficient cooling choice. DC48 air conditioners can substantially reduce power supply/generation costs and battery requirements. An all-DC system means you get the advantage of extreme high efficiency without the need for inverters.

The HotSpot DC4812VRF is a purpose-built DC powered air conditioner heat pump for native DC power. It's designed to conserve power, and operate reliably for many years without maintenance.

SeaSpray Anti-Corrosion technology protects circuit boards, condenser, evaporator, compressor, and fan motors from salt air corrosion. SeaSpray is available beginning Q2 2014.

The DC4812VRF is a variable capacity, variable speed, variable refrigerant flow unit. There is no other solar or DC air conditioner like it on the market.

Download DC4812VRF Spec Sheet

See DC4812VRF Complete Systems

HotSpot Energy DC4812VRF
Solar / DC Off-Grid Air Conditioner
Indoor Wall Mount Unit (IDU)

DC air conditioner image
Indoor Unit (IDU)

DC4812VRF Air Conditioner Technology
How It Works


solar battery calculator for Dc air conditioner

  • Stand-Alone or Complete Systems Including PV Panels, *Batteries, Mounting Hardware, Charge Controller.

  • Complete Systems from $3995
    See complete systems

  • Systems for 10,15,20 and 24 Hour

  • All DC - No inverter Needed

  • Variable Speed & Capacity

  • SeaSpray Anti-Corrosion Technology
    (All units produces after June 1, 2014)

  • Heat Pump Unit Provides Cooling & Heating

  • Exceptionally Quiet Operation

Shipping & logistics Information

SeaSpray Anti-Corrosion Technology

Download DC4812VRF Spec Sheet

See Solar AC Complete System Configurations

Solar Battery Wiring Information

Generator/AC Backup Option

DC / Solar Air Conditioner FAQ

Compare ACDC12 and DC4812VRF Side by side 

See the ACDC12 Hybrid Solar Air Conditioner


48v DC solar air conditioner outdoor unit

Outdoor Unit (ODU)

The image on the left is the HotSpot DC4812VRF DC air conditioner Outdoor Unit (ODU). DC power from batteries connects directly to this unit.

Batteries are required to buffer and stabilize solar power, and for night time operation.

For solar air conditioners that don't require batteries see model ACDC12 Hybrid AC-DC Unit.



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