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Why is it called a FPH?

It's because we like to make things as simple as we can.

The product was developed for
Free Pool Heating

So we called it a "FPH".

And then we moved on ....
to work on more cool new heat
recovery products, instead of
wasting time debating product



Pool Heater

Free Pool Heating From AC


toh      atoh

See the Ask This Old House episode
on the FPH pool heater (scene #3).
Click To View The Video

This old house pool heater episode


The HotSpot FPH pool heater provides free pool heating by recycling the waste heat that your air conditioner throws away.

In the process, it increases the efficiency of your air conditioner, saving up to 40% on electricity costs for indoor cooling.

The HotSpot heat recovery pool heater heats your pool for free.

Salt water or swimming pool water heat exchanger for heat pum or air conditioner

  • It’s simple.

  • It connects to your AC outdoor unit.

  • It connects to your pool pump.

  • It heats your pool for free.
Diagram of swimming pool heating system

Facts About Heat Recovery Pool Heating

  Extends your swimming season to match your air conditioning season with zero pool heating costs.

■  Converts your AC into a hybrid geothermal system, saves up to 40% on air conditioning electric costs.

■  Can pay for itself in two swimming seasons or less compared to a heat pump pool heater.

■  Costs less and avoids the problems of solar panels attached to your roof. Operates day or night, rain or shine.

■   For all single-speed compressor units. Contact us for other applications.

To place an order or ask a question: 1-800-916-2067


picture of heat recovery valve
FPH Heat Recovery Valve

According to data from the
US Department of Energy
it costs up to $1800 per
year to heat a pool
with a high efficiency
heat pump.

With a HotSpot FPH
it doesn't have to
cost anything.


The FPH pool heater is essentially a geothermal water-source upgrade for a standard air source air conditioner. This can allow the air conditioner to use less electricity and/or increase cooling capacity, and makes the AC very quiet because the outdoor fan unit does not need to run. When the pool needs heat, all of the heat goes directly into the pool.

A 4-ton air conditioner running 8 hours per day can produce about 480,000 BTU per day, about equal to 10 extra-large solar pool panels and enough to heat a large size pool.

An FPH pool heater can connect to multiple AC units if needed. The AC unit can be up to 200 ft. away from the pool, depending on pump horsepower. FPH may be available through your local pool or HVAC dealer or if not, you can order it directly from HotSpot. Systems are available as a pre-configured kit ready for your local licensed installer.

Manufactured by HotSpot Energy, a trusted supplier of thermal, HVAC, and heat recovery engineering & equipment.

Titanium Heat Exchanger
Constructed with Titanium, the FPH heat exchanger can stand up to years of harsh swimming pool chemicals.


pool heater controller


The FPH controller monitors pool temperature and AC system status, the FPH pool heater is active only when the pool needs heat.

titanium heat exchanger for swimming pool

Titanium Heat Exchangers

Salt water or swimming pool water heat exchanger for heat pum or air conditioner

Spec Sheet

Components - AC

See Titanium Pool
Heat Exchangers

Components - HP

See Swimming Pool
Heat Recovery Valves
Pool Heating System Controls
Technical & Sales Support

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What our sustomers say...

I just wanted to take a moment and thank you for your pool heater. We installed the Hotspot FPH system on our 3 ton AC unit to heat our heavily shaded pool. For the first time ever, we were able to use the pool in May. In the past, the pool was rarely warm enough to be comfortable even in July! Thank you for coming up with this wonderful product. Our AC contractor said he will be calling you to become a dealer.

Rich A., CPA, CGMA


Comparison to a Solar Pool Heater

People often compare our pool heater to solar pool heating.

Both are green, earth friendly ways to save money. Of course, the FPH pool heater saves more money than solar pool heating because of the electrical cost savings on the AC.
And, it works even when there's no sun.

But if you really think about it, the FPH is a solar pool heater. The
heat that comes from the AC, comes from inside the building. So how did
the heat get there in the first place?

A building is actually a giant solar collector, sitting in the sun and collecting heat directly, and from the solar heated environment. That's why we run air conditioners in the summer, to take the solar heat from the inside and put it outside.

In the final analysis, the HotSpot pool heater is taking solar energy from inside the building and putting it in the pool.

For sure, it's a different kind of solar pool heater. While heating the pool for free, it's also saving on air conditioning costs at the same time.

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