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This 1.5 ton air conditioner saves electricity and makes 100 gallons of free hot water per day.

ACWH air conditioner water heater picture

Save Money & Help The Environment

If you are located in a southern climate and your air conditioner will run most of the year, or

If you need to air condition a workspace all year long to cool a kitchen, server room, or other
constant heat load, this Air Conditioner Water Heater will pay for itself quickly with
FREE HOT WATER and lowered electrical operating costs.

Home Owners: Stretch your family budget with Free Hot Water for your entire home!

Business Owners: Get the Bottom-Line Energy Savings your business needs!

Can I install it myself?
*Except for a short service call from a licensed HVAC contractor as the final step.
See details....
Can you install it for me?
*YES! *Our licensed technician will perform a standard professional installation for a flat fee.
See details

We make saving money easy. The sooner you call the faster you’ll start saving money.
Call an energy savings expert today at 1-800-916-2067 or 757-410-8640

Frequently Asked Questions about the ACWH

EnergyStar Qualified | Tax Credit Approved | 18 SEER
  • Standard Cooling & Heating Functions
  • 100 Gallons per day hot water
  • Connect to any hot water tank
  • Highly Efficient (S.E.E.R. 18)
  • Dehumidification Function
  • Circulation Function
  • Digital Multifunction infrared Remote control
  • Intelligent control multifunction digital dynamic
  • LCD display (indoor unit)
  • Defrosting function (heat pump)
  • Clock Mode
  • Digital 24 Hour Timer
  • Sleep Mode
  • Automatic 3 Dimensional Dual Louver Air Flow
  • Remote Adjusted Double Louvers
  • Swing Double Louver Function
  • Auto Re-Start Function
  • 3 Fan speed Selection
  • Multi-fold evaporator for faster cooling
  • Quiet Operation
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Model Number ACWH18-35GW/BMVE
Style Ductless Mini Split AC With Hot Water
Compressor Panasonic DC Inverter Compressor
Refrigerant R410 A (Pre-Charged)
Cooling Capacity 18,000 BTU
Heating Capacity 18,800 BTU
Water Heating Capacity 100 gallons per day
65,000 BTU per day
Hot Water Temperature Default Limit 158 ºF
Freeze Protection Optional (adds -FP to model number)
Water High Limit 140 ºF Optional (adds-HL) to model number)
Air Flow 720 m3/h
Power Supply 230 V / 60 Hz
Input Power, Max 1333W (cooling) / 1633W (heating)
Input Current, Max 6.37A (cooling) / 7.8A (heating)
SEER 17.9
HSPF 8.9
Sound Level 48dB-high 39dB-low (indoor)
58dB (outdoor)
Moisture Removal 1.79L/hr
Max Operating Temperature 122 ºF / 50 ºC (cooling)
Min Operating Temperature 14 ºF / -10 ºC (heating)
Control System Digital Multifunction infrared
remote control with digital LED display
Water Heater Controls UL, Fully automatic
Hot Water Circuit UL, NSF, all-copper, double-wall, vented
Hot Water Pump UL, NSF
Net Weight 26 lbs (indoor) 129 lbs (outdoor)
Dimensions 35 X 12 X 9 in (indoor unit)
34 X 26 X 12 in (outdoor unit)
Max. Water Line Length 100 ft. one-way from water tank to outdoor unit (extendable with booster pump)
Refrigerant Line Set 12.5 feet, optional 25 ft.extension kit, max extension 50 ft.
Warranty 10 years on heat exchanger, 1 year
on parts / 5 Years on compressor
Coefficient Of Performance (COP)

COP = Eu / Ea  (w/w)

COP = coefficient of performance
Eu = useful energy acquired
Ea = energy applied

This unit has 2 COP ratings.

When Water Heating Circuit Is Active
COP= 4.95

When Water Heating Circuit Is Not Active
COP= 3.96


Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER)

EER = Ec / Pa

EER = energy efficient ratio (Btu/Wh)
Ec = net capacity (Btu/h)
Pa = applied electrical power (Watts)

This unit has 2 EER ratings.

When Water Heating Circuit Is Active
EER= 16.89

When Water Heating Circuit Is Not Active
EER= 13.51

See line set extension, wall mount, and tank adapter options.

Frequently Asked Questions about the ACWH

Download ACWH Brochure/Spec. Sheet

ACWH Users Manual

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ROI (Return On Investment)

1.5 Ton Air Conditioner Water Heater
Example Customer:

AC operation 18 hours per day
Recovered 82,431 BTU/day
Saved: 24 kWh per day
Saved 725 kWh per month
kWh cost = $.15
Monthly Savings $108.75
Annual hot water savings $1305
Annual electrical savings
(18 SEER) = $566
Total savings $1,871 per year

Return On Investment = 56.67%

Get a 1.8 Year Payback &
A Free Air Conditioner
Lifetime Free Hot Water

Eligible For the EnergyStar $300 Federal Tax Credit!

A full featured ultra high efficiency air conditioner with remote control, this system captures heat that is normally thrown away and uses it to make free hot water.

image of air conditioner water heater remote control
Remote Control

picture of air conditioner water heater outdoor unit

ACWH Outdoor Unit

ACWH with DC Inverter
Pays for Itself!

30%-40% Reduction
In Electricity Costs....

While Making
Free Hot Water!

Heat Pump Hybrid Air Conditioner Water Heater - Free water heating in summer, 65% savings in winter.

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