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Get Free Hot Water...
From Your Air Conditioner

HotSpot is a low cost, hassle-free heat recovery unit (HRU) that recovers heat energy to make free hot water.

HotSpot recovers concentrated high temperature heat from your air conditioner's condenser circuit and pumps the recovered heat directly into your hot water tank.

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Heat recovery provides an excellent return on investment for residential customers located in areas where the air conditioner is running the majority of the year. It will provide free hot water heating during the season that the air conditioner operates. To see what annual percentage of free water heating you may be able to obtain, see Cooling degree days data chart for locations in the U.S. (US 48 only.)  

Air conditioner users benefit with free hot water during the cooling season. Heat pump users can obtain free hot water during the cooling season, and also save up to 70% on water heating costs during the heating season. Users in climates like southern Florida and Hawaii can get free hot water all year long. HotSpot operates day or night, rain or shine, with no panels on the roof & is maintenance free.

A HotSpot recovery unit connected to a typical 3.5 ton air conditioner running 5 hours per day can recover more than 34,000 BTU, enough to save about 10 kWh of electricity per day.

HotSpot water heating recovery units are simple to install and are complete pre-configured systems including pump, controls, heat exchanger, and 140F automatic upper limit safety switch. UL Certified & Made in USA.

Get enough free BTUs to make more than 100 gallons of free hot water per day from your AC system.

HotSpot reclaims the heat that you normally throw away.

It connects to the hottest point in your air conditioner system, the hot gas circuit between the compressor and condenser where temperatures up to 200 ºF exist. The HotSpot captures excess heat and puts it into the water through a special heat exchanger.

As a byproduct of removing the heat, HotSpot lowers the head pressure of the compressor creating an efficiency improvement of up to 18%.

A fully licensed technician will be needed to perform a standard professional installation of your HotSpot heat recovery water heater in accordance with your local codes.

For more information please see the FAQ
Read about the technology.

image of HotSpot heat recovery unit
Model 5C, fits AC or Heat pump 2-5 tons
image of installed HotSpot heat  revovery unit

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HotSpot has a model to fit any air conditioner or heat pump from 1 to 100 tons.

See Heat Recovery Facts & Fiction

See commercial heat recovery systems up to 100 tons capacity

Independently tested and
certified to assure health, safety
and verified performance.

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AHRI 470

washer and dryerAn average wash cycle uses 35-40 gallons of hot water.

home dishwasher machine
A standard dishwasher needs about 15 gallons of hot water per cycle.






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